Installation Guide

Windows 2000/XP

1) Download file and save it on your PC at any location of your interest.

2) Few things are very essential to be fixed properly.

  • Go to CONTROL PANEL of the computer by clicking START menu.
  • Double click on SYSTEM icon, a new window SYSTEM PROPERTIES is open
  • Click on ADVANCED tab located on the top in system properties window
  • Click on ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES located on the bottom in advanced tab
  • Click NEW to add new environment variable under SYSYEM VARIABLES title
  • Type "FINDSEG_PATH" in variable name field and location of main PRIMEGENS directory (including itself) in variable value field for example type "C:\software\PRIMEGENS\" as variable value if the PRIMEGENS directory is located in "C:\software" path.

Few things are very essential to be fixed properly.

  • Spaced are not allowed for the FINDSEG_PATH value. Thereforebe careful about location of PRIMEGENS directory. (c:\PRIMEGENS is good option)
  • The FINEDSEG_PATH value should be such that README.txt should be located in that path. By default WinZip wizard will create new directory with same name PRIMEGENS. In that case you will see READEME.txt file in < directory>\PRIMEGENS \PRIMEGENS.
  • After setting environment variable, please open a new MS command prompt in order to get the FINDSEG_PATH variavle activated

    3) For successful testing of PRIMEGENS,

  • Open an command prompt on your computer
  • Go to TEST directory inside the PRIMEGENS directory
  • Type "..\bin\PRIMEGENS.exe -lf subset.txt database.txt"
  • Once successfully executed type "..\bin\PRIMEGENS.exe database.txt". if the displayshows "Job Finished Successfully!" means the program is ready to use.

Running Instruction

Before running PRIMEGENS, select a location where you want to store all PRIMEGENS output file. Copy your databse in that location also copy subset file and append.txt file according to your option.